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Friday, July 19, 2013

Nimbuzz Newer Version for Android - V 2.5.1

Nimbuzz recently released its newer version for Android Mobiles. It added so many features and the most inspiring feature was the UI the user interface.

As listed in play store below are the few updates made by Nimbuzz to its Android Version.

• Get phonebook based friend suggestions.
• Chat with your FB friends even if they are offline/Notifiable. Nimbuzz now allows you to send Push Notifications/offline messages to them.
• Improved chat experience –
• Set personalized background for your chats & group chats.
• Chat bubbles for clear layout while chatting.
• Chatrooms security enhancements.
• Fixed the 'android.process.acore' crash which was reported for some of our users on Android 2.2 version.
• Important bug fix for v2.5.0.
New Nimbuzz for Android 2.5.1

New Nimbuzz for Android

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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Nimbuzz bids adieu to MSN

Hi Friends, Microsoft has announced that they will be integrating their MSN service into Skype starting March 15. Following this announcement, we would like to inform you that Nimbuzz are pulling off support for MSN community effective March 11. This means, Nimbuzz users won’t be able to chat with their MSN contacts anymore. But the good news is, we are in the process of launching Group Chat in all our clients – so continue chatting and calling your Nimbuzz contacts.

We also recommend that you request your friends on MSN to come aboard Nimbuzz so that you can chat and call for free. Thanks for all your support. You may post your queries below.

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How to use New Nimbuzz Official Commands for Chat Rooms

Nimbuzz recently added the new feature in Nimbuzz Chat rooms. That is Nimbuzz Commands to manage the room. Users can Kick a user, Ban a user and even view the user profile using the commands. Using this command is very easy. Just send /help in the room as a message. Nimbuzz will reply you with the list of commands that are accepted. I have used some of the commands and you can see them in the video above. Apart from the commands in video. You can use many other commands in different manners.

/helpDisplays list of commands that can be used
/mod useridThis command make the userid as moderator. Ex: /mod irsh will make the user irsh as moderator.
/kick userridKicks the user. Ex: /kick irsh will kick the user irsh
/ban useridThis command bans the user.
/invite useridInvites the id to the room. The id you invite must be in your contact list and should not be in invisible mode. Else the invitation wont be successful
/who irshThis will display the profile of the user. If its allowed for public
/msg irsh helloThis command will send a private message hello to user irsh. This will send a pvt message only if the user is in room.
/ban r irshThis will remove the user irsh from ban list. here r is for remove.
/mute r irshThis will remove the user irsh from mute and the user can start chatting normally.
/kick aThis will kick all the users from the room, except few such as admins
/ban cDisplays the no of ids in ban list
/kick id1 id2 id3This will kick the 3 ids mentioned. you can use as much as ids you want. same thing can be used for ban, mute and rest.
/ban f floodid1This bans the id floodid which flooded the room and same time Nimbuzz blocks flood by responding Flood Blocked.

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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Android Nimbuzz Version 2.4.0 with Group Chat

Nimbuzz has released a new Android version with Group Chat and Some UI Updates to it. Lets see whats new in Nimbuzz Android Version 2.4.0.

What's New In Nimbuzz Android Version 2.4 :

- Introducing Persistent Group Chat: Enjoy group conversations with contacts. Send unlimited text messages to your contacts in a single group.

- UI Changes:

Directly open chat screen from the roster contact
Chat list view as the default view

- Connectivity fixes and Performance improvement 

- FREE MESSAGING and GROUP CHAT : Replace SMS with unlimited free chat. Now, enjoy group conversations by sending text messages to your contacts in a single group.

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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Display Image Symbol, Underlined, Italic Display Name in Nimbuzz

Here is a small trick to display a different Display Name in Nimbuzz Pc ( This works only in Nimbuzz PC)    . By changing the Display Name to <img></img> Nimbuzz will show an Image icon in the place of Display Name. This is just for fun, Apart from displaying Image Icon you can make the text look italic, Underlined and stricken and yes you can combine all the styles together irsh

How to style the Display Name of Nimbuzz:
for Italic style Display Name, type <i>desired display name</i>
for underlined style Display Name, type <u>desired display name</u>
for strikethrough style Display Name, type <s>desired display name</s>
for Italic,Underlined & Striken style Display Name, type <i><u><s>desired display name<s/></u></i>

Screen Shots:

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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Download Latest Nimbuzz Symbian Version 3.5 Now

Hi Guys, Nimbuzz has updated its Symbian version. New Nimbuzz Symbian version 3.5 has many updates to its previous version. This version introduces a close integration of ‘Friend Search’ functionality within the Nimbuzz app. Now you can search for your friends in the 100 million strong Nimbuzz community worldwide with just a click of a button. Search Explore and Expand your friend network on Nimbuzz.

Whats new in Nimbuzz Symbian 3.5 ? 

   - Friends search
   - Twitter Improvements
   - User interface improvements
   - Certification Error issue resolved

Friend Search on Nimbuzz :

Nimbuzz is all about connecting you with your friends & family. Now you can expand your friend circle by actually searching through 110 million Nimbuzz profiles. Simply enter your friend’s name, hit Search to list down all matching profiles and add them as your friend to start chatting & calling them for free!

UI Improvements :

1. Coloured Chat Tabs for Symbian touch devices.
2. Emoticons grid
3. Easy access to Chatrooms from Dashboard
4. Easy access to Twitter from Dashboard
5. Add contact flow simplified

Certificate Error issue resolved :

Some users complained about Nimbuzz Symbian Certificate error on their devices. This was due to a security certificate from Nokia which expired on 20th Oct 2012. This update fixes this problem and carries an updated security certificate from Nokia.

You can download the latest Nimbuzz Symbian version  3.5 by CLICKING HERE.

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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Nimbuzz 2.3.0 for Android AdsFree Version

Nimbuzz released its version Nimbuzz 2.3.0 for Android with new options that were not available in the version 2.2.2. Nimbuzz included the Invisible status option. Now user can stay invisible using Android Nimbuzz version.
Chat room history added. Now chatrooms you used gets stored in history.
You can get the update from the Google Play store.

Well, to avoid annoying ads you can use the Nimbuzz 2.3.0 AdsFree Version.
To get this version Download the file from here
Remove the Nimbuzz application before installing this AdsFree version
Enjoy Ads Blocked Nimbuzz.

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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Nimbuzz Android with No Ads

Download Nimbuzz Android AdsFree version. 

To use this Ads Bloked Version of Nimbuzz Android, you need to remove the previous version and install the Ads free apllication from here

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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

New Nimbuzz 1.9.7 for Java phones

Hey Guys, Nimbuzz has announced that a new and improved Nimbuzz version 1.9.7 for Java enabled mobiles is available on Nimbuzz website.

What’s New in Nimbuzz 1.9.7 ? 

- Location Send and Receive Feature for Nokia ASHA Series devices
- Invite Friends to Chatroom
- Close integration for searching Nimbuzz Friends
- Quick access to Group Chat / Group Message & Change Password
- Easier and Faster login to Nimbuzz
- Fixed a few bugs.
- Improved support for Nokia Full Touch and Touch & Type devices.
- Improved overall performance.

You can download new Nimbuzz java version 1.9.7 from HERE

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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Download New Nimbuzz 1.1.1 for Windows Phone now available with Push Notifications

Hey Guys, Nimbuzz has announce the latest Nimbuzz update (1.1.1) for Windows Phone 7 platform. The new Nimbuzz Windows version now boasts Push Notification service which means, now you will be informed on the spot in your phone in case you have received any message/file from your Nimbuzz friends. Download now and be always connected with your friends anytime anywhere!

What’s New in Nimbuzz version 1.1.1 for Windows phone?

- Push Notifications (Toast and Tile Notification)
- Auto Save option for incoming pictures
- Application Response Time Improvement
- A number of Bugs and Crash issue Fixes

To Download Nimbuzz for Windows Phone 7, please go to the Windows Market Place, or open Marketplace on your phone and search for Nimbuzz. You can also point your mobile browser to

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