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Friday, June 3, 2011

Block Nimbuzz chat room flood

Nimbuzz is updating frequently and it has been blocking Number of hacks and flooding tricks. Still there are few room flooding tricks available in which a series of ids flood the room. The ids enters and leaves so quickly that it cant be banned easily through Nimbuzz. Also we need to Ban Number of ids which are in series such as 1flooer, 2flood and so on. Some of our programmers developed a web page using which we can Ban Number of series ids. You need to provide your Room Admin Username, Room Name, and the flood id without the Number. example: if the flooding ids are 1flood, 2flood..... or flood1, flood2....., just provide flood in Ban Nickname. Then provide the Number of serial ids to ban from Index 1 to 50 or you can change the Number if the flooder has the serial id some other series such as 89flood, 90flood so on. After providing all the information click on Generate XML. You can see the XML below. Run the XML using XML Consol in Bombus. Now enjoy banning Number of ids using single XML post :p *yo yo* Happy Nimbuzzing ♫.

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