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Monday, December 12, 2011

Nimbuzz Chat Room Bot

There are many bot which is supported and works in Nimbuzz chat rooms. This bot is made by my friend Anand and it has many features in it. This bot can manage room, kick abusers and also ban flooder from room. Some of the features of bot are listed below.

Features :
  • welcome user
  • reply/chat
  • kick,revoke,ban abusers
  • calculate love%, relation
  • follow master id commands
  • auto lock room on flood
  • ban flood ids
You can set a master id and bot listen to master id and follow the list of commands ( kick,ban,revoke voice,grant voice,lock,unlock,member and unban ). For more details on this bot you can add and he will help you out with the bot. Click Here to download the bot and password of the file is roombot.

You can also check Easy Setup Nimbuzz Bot which has few exiting features init.


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